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Player Score Levels Achievements Areas Languages Words
  aal16,680+261i6334A,B,C,D,F,G, ex14108(20)
  rgt15,745+12i6328A,B,C,D,E,F,G, x1488(3)
  dne15,0706228A,B,C,D,G, efx1197(1)
  htn14,427+8i5825A,B,C,D, ef gx1089(1)
14,200+59i5730A,B,C,D,G, ef x1192(–)
13,715+876i55+2i30A,B,C,D, ef gx1091(3)
14,0635725A,B,C,D,G, ef x1085(1)
13,9665825A,B,C,D,G, ef x14111
13,943+40i5627A,B,C,D,G, ef x769(–)
  Nm13,261+445i53+1i23e abcdfgx12101(4)
  il12,900+462i53+1i28A,B,C, e dfgx1399(–)
  sT12,455+1,147i53+3i25A,B,C,D,E, fgx14105
12,9975321A,B,D, cef g976(–)
12,8245321A,B,C,D, ef g968(–)
  to11,800+1,395i51+4i23A,B,C, e dfgx14104(1)
  bl11,512+52i5023A,B,C,D, e fg1194(–)
10,0464615A,B,C, e df976
  ni9,9894521A,B, cef d979(–)
  sa9,557+315i44+1i20A,B,C, e df974(–)
9,435+29i4318A,B,C, e dg1080(–)
  pmi9,0244215A,B,C, e d871
8,6254020A,B,C,D, e861
  li8,215+360i39+1i19A,B,C, de756(–)
8,3774017A,B, ce df1072(–)
8,165+360i40+1i16A,B, ce df1182
8,2654013A,B, e cdf1079
  ty8,219+86i3815ae bcdf965
8,1294012A,B, ce df652
7,297+1,035i37+3i17A,B, ce df746(–)
7,7413811A,B, c deg861(–)
7,722+11i3816A,B,C, d644(–)
7,5463713A,B,C, d642(–)
6,742+1,037i35+4i13A,B, c def974
7,1983716A,B,C, e d428(–)
7,1943713A,B, ce df648(–)
7,1393616A,B,C, de972(–)
7,066+39i3715A,B,C, e d543(–)
  ome7,0643613A,B, c de956
7,0633612A,B,C, de640
  S6,9853612A,B,C, de634
6,9323611A,B, c de976
6,7863612A,B, ce df539
6,7373512A,B,C, de846
6,6773612A,B, c def757(–)
  osw6,5443514A,B,C, de949
6,151+599i33+2i9A,B, c de853
6,411347A,B, cde843
  aeh6,3373415A,B,C, d741(–)
6,3143412A,C, bde850(–)
  Score, Levels, Areas and Languages are verified. (A11 B9 C11 D8 E8 F6 G4 X9)
  Players are ranked by score, then by levels, then by achievements; complex numbers are weighted as Re+½Im.
  Areas: A – completed all levels, a – all except optional, a – some.
  (n) indicates n levels with optimal cost-cycles not currently attained by any other player, or (–) for either hint levels or past contribution.