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Player Score Levels Achievements Areas Languages Words
  aal16,680+261i6334A,B,C,D,F,G, ex14108(24)
  rgt15,753+8i6328A,B,C,D,E,F,G, x1488(3)
  dne15,0676228A,B,C,D,G, efx1197(1)
  htn14,429+8i5825A,B,C,D, ef gx1089(1)
14,194+59i5730A,B,C,D,G, ef x1192(–)
13,716+873i55+2i30A,B,C,D, ef gx1091(4)
14,0655725A,B,C,D,G, ef x1085(1)
13,942+40i5627A,B,C,D,G, ef x769(–)
13,9575824A,B,C,D,G, ef x14111
  Nm13,276+445i53+1i23e abcdfgx12101(5)
  il12,899+459i53+1i28A,B,C, e dfgx1399(–)
12,9985321A,B,D, cef g976(–)
12,8255321A,B,C,D, ef g968(–)
  to11,785+1,393i51+4i23A,B,C, e dfgx14104(1)
  bl11,515+52i5023A,B,C,D, e fg1194(–)
  ni9,9904520A,B, cef d979(–)
  sa9,557+315i44+1i20A,B,C, e df974(–)
9,6874515A,B,C, e df973
9,433+29i4318A,B,C, e dg1080(–)
  pmi9,0244215A,B,C, e d871
  li8,215+360i39+1i19A,B,C, de756(–)
8,3774017A,B, ce df1072(–)
8,2664013A,B, e cdf1079
  ty8,218+86i3815ae bcdf965
8,1334012A,B, ce df652
7,302+1,035i37+3i16A,B, ce df746(1)
7,7413811A,B, c deg861(–)
7,724+11i3816A,B,C, d644(–)
7,5483713A,B,C, d642(–)
7,1983716A,B,C, e d428(–)
7,1943713A,B, ce df648(1)
7,1393616A,B,C, de972(–)
7,066+39i3715A,B,C, e d543(–)
7,0633612A,B,C, de640
  S6,9853612A,B,C, de634
6,7863612A,B, ce df539
6,7383511A,B,C, de846
6,6663612A,B, c def757(–)
  osw6,5443514A,B,C, de949
6,139+677i33+3i10A,B, c de759
6,411347A,B, cde843
  aeh6,3373415A,B,C, d741(–)
6,3033412A,C, bde850(–)
  rle6,2553413A,B, e cd960
6,2003410A,B,C, d951(–)
5,948+328i33+1i10A,B, c de971
  abo6,0843313A,B, c d639(–)
5,814327B, ac de751
5,7583213A,B, cde746(–)
5,342+697i31+2i13A,B, cde432(–)
  Score, Levels, Areas and Languages are verified. (A11 B9 C11 D8 E8 F6 G4 X9)
  Players are ranked by score, then by levels, then by achievements; complex numbers are weighted as Re+½Im.
  Areas: A – completed all levels, a – all except optional, a – some.
  (n) indicates n levels with optimal cost-cycles not currently attained by any other player, or (–) for either hint levels or past contribution.